The End

28 02 2009

I have decided to stop using this blog. Both this and Survive Anything will remain online, but I will no longer be posting to either of them. If you would like to see the content I have posted to this blog, I have set up a system to do this on an individual basis. Comment on one of my articles  saying that you would like a list of the URLs I linked to. The comment will not show up publicly, but I will receive your contact information and send the complete list to you when I get the opportunity. Posts will not be given in their entirety, but the highlights will be present.

That said, I’d like to thank anybody who has read an article on this blog and liked it. This was my goal, and I hope I achieved it. Thank you all for making the experience a great one.


Want a clown?

10 02 2009

Whether you actually do or not, check this auction out.

By the way, the issue I was referring to is not yet resolved. This is just time-sensitive.

Where’d Everything Go?

9 02 2009

I’d like to apologize. Due to unforeseen and private circumstances, I have to shut this blog down as of February 9th, 2009. As soon as these are resolved, operation should be able to continue as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will try to fix things and repost articles as soon as possible.

Website: Shmoop

10 10 2008

If you’re a student, you’ll thank me for this. You’ve probably heard of study-help powerhouses such as and Now there’s Shmoop. They have a similar concept to both of these sites, but a lot of the content has a ton of extra stuff in it. It’s still in beta, which means two things–you have to apply for a membership, and it’s still a bit lacking in some areas. That’s not to say that those should discourage you from using it. It took me less than a week to get an invite code after applying for one, and the service is still very useful as a supplement to Sparknotes and CliffsNotes when studying literature. So far, it’s helped save me from failing at least three English class assignments. And there’s also a history section, so that can save you a lot of work and time trying to go through a textbook. So sign up now and tell a few friends. As time goes by, it looks like Shmoop will grow.